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6 Bracelets 6 Bracelets

Six Bracelets- Vintage Navajo-made row bracelets made of silver with turquoise stones. Prices range from $135.00-$1,150.00 

Two Concho Belts

Two Concho Belts

Left: Belt with 7 silver conchos, 8 silver butterflies and buckle, all with turquoise stones.  Circa 1930's. From the collection of artist Douglas Johnson.  $1600.00

Right: Belt with 6 silver conchos w/turquoise, 7 silver butterflies and an oval buckle with turquoise.  Circa 1940's.  $1,500.00

Pins featuring Zuni, Navajo and Hopi silver and stone work.  Please note that Rainbow Man pin is sold. Prices range from $65.00-$950.00

Zuni Row Bracelet Zuni Row Bracelet

Fine Zuni row bracelet with 8 rows.  Dates from the mid-twentieth century.  SOLD

Zuni Belt Buckle and Pin

Zuni silver and turquoise channel inlay belt buckle.  $250.00

Turquoise and coral pin by Dan Simplicio.  $325.00 

Petrified Wood Petrified Wood

Bracelets and a pin made with petrified wood, an agate.  Pin-$125.00.  Bracelets range in price from $110.00-$325.00

Squash Blossom w/ Bisbee Turquoise Squash Blossom w/ Bisbee Turquoise

Squash Blossom Necklace- Navajo necklace with handmade silver beads and high grade Bisbee turquoise.  Measures 16" from end of naja to top of beads. $1,750.00

3 Silver Crosses 3 Silver Crosses

Three Silver Crosses- Left: Zuni Channel Inlay with handmade silver chain. Cross measures 3 3/4". Circa 1950's: $350.00

Upper Right: Cast Navajo cross signed with initials JFC, measures 2 1/8": SOLD

Right: Cast cross with blue turquoise, signed with hallmark of Zuni silversmith C. Iule.  Measures 3 1/4", circa 1950's.  SOLD

Blue Gem Squash Blossom Necklace Blue Gem Squash Blossom Necklace

Squash Blossom Necklace:  Beautiful Navajo Squash blossom necklace with 192 carats of high grade Blue Gem turquoise and handmade beads.  Circa 1950's by Jimmy Harrison. $3,800.00

Edison Cummings

Edison Cummings' silver work is typified by excellent craftsmanship and design, which reflects his training and education at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico and ASU in Tempe, Arizona. There he learned techniques of sculpture and metal stretching.  He has been a consistent winner at SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe and at the Heard Guild Show in Phoenix for many years.  A skilled and original artist, Cummings was chosen in 2004 by the Heard Museum to design a trophy that the museum gives annually to outstanding supporters.   For more on Edison, please see the Summer, 2005 issue of American Indian Art magazine, where he is featured in an excellent article entitled "Native American Silversmiths of the Southwest".


Large Silver Box, 2005-featuring repousse and fine stampwork by Edison Cummings. Stone measures 1 3/8" and is very fine spiderweb turquoise, either #8 or Indian Mountain.  Box measures 7" wide x 4" deep x 1 3/4" tall. $2,400.00


Silver Cuffs by Edison Cummings Silver Cuffs by Edison Cummings

Three Silver Cuffs by Navajo silversmith Edison Cummings.  Made of 12 gauge silver.  $525.00 each.

Kachina Jewelry Kachina Jewelry

Finely made Silver Kachina figure jewelry, by Toby Henderson, grandson of Helen Long.  From upper left: Mudhead ring (1 3/4"), $195.00; Crow Mother ring (1 3/4"), $195.00; Early Morning Singer ring (2"), SOLD; Sun Kachina ring (2"), $195.00; Early Morning Singer ring (2"), SOLD; Center: Early Morning Singer pin (3"), SOLD.

Kachina Pins Kachina Pins

Kachina Pins-by Toby Henderson, grandson of Helen Long.  Each pin also has a pendant hook.

Left: Kachina Pin with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Measures 2 3/4". $240.00

Center: Kachina pin with coral. Measures 2 3/4". $250.00

Right:  Early Morning Singer Pin, measures 3".  SOLD

Kachina Bolos Kachina Bolos

Silver Bolos- Kachina figures by Toby Henderson.  Toby is the grandson of Helen Long, original creator of this type of design.

Left: Morning Singer with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. Measures 3" long. $240.00

Right: Sun Face with Coral. Measures 3 1/2" long.  $325.00

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